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Whether you’ve got a spacious backyard or only a few feet of patio,
GARDENING FOR GEEKS will soon have you growing your own delicious,
organic food—and maybe even running germination tests, starting a worm farm,
and gearing up for active batch thermal composting.

In GARDENING FOR GEEKS (Adams Media, April 2013,
$15.95, paperback, 978-1440557798) organic garden designer and
founder of Gardenerd.com, Christy Wilhelmi shares the secrets and
science of successful gardening. Readers can skim the science and
just take what they need to get started growing their own organic
produce, or they can go “full geek” and immerse themselves in the
mathematics, biology, and ecology of gardening, which Wilhelmi
translates into accessible, user-friendly language.

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